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Meet Ausiie

While waiting for breaking fast (known as ngabuburit) during gathering organized by FN and Canon, I took a few shots of a model named Ausiie.

It was close to sunset. Therefore I want to get that nice yellow orange colour around her. It was a bit tricky, because there are many trees in the area that block the sunlight and people passing by in the background:


Jakarta Focus expo

The annual focus exhibition is back again. Held in JCC Senayan, the exhibition shares the venue with computer exhibition. There are workshops and competitions held everyday. As I use Canon camera, I went to the Datascript booth to get free cleaning of my camera sensor and lenses.

I attended some workshops, by Goenadi and Nicoline Patricia Malina.

In Goenadi’s workshop, he asked a simple question that after we take photos, what’s next? This is where the idea for the topic “KURASI FOTOGRAFI untuk menyusun PHOTO STORY, PAMERAN FOTO dan BUKU FOTOGRAFI” came from. He told us the story where he went to Japan and participated in a very intense workshop with a very well known magazine editor on creating a photo story.

Next day, I attended workshop by Nicoline, a well known fashion photorapher. She told her story how she became a photographer and gave tips on how to become a fashion photographer.

Along the way, she also showed her works and at the end of the session, we had practice to shoot a model.

Competitions draw large crowd during this exhibition and there are many of them here. There are competitions held by Tronic, Starlite, Canon, Nikon and Sony just to name a few.

As I went around, there are many cameras, lenses and gears that can only make me drool want to buy them. For more info on this exhibition, go to

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