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View from the top

A photo hunting was named “Beauty @ the Top of the World”. Located on the 56th floor of Menara BCA, it gives you a spectacular view of Jakarta. The photo hunting itself was started at 3 pm and we finished about 7.30 pm. There are few websites that have coverage on the event and can be seen from:

  • Lensa Manual Forum
  • Okezone
  • DJ Vera in action

    It was a Saturday night and as usual, the traffic to Senayan was heavy. There was a photo competition in Senayan City, which was held by Olympus. As this competition is free, I thought that I have nothing to lose. So I went there. There were a lot of people waiting with the white long lenses when I got there. Not long after, a pretty DJ came up on the stage. Dressed in pink, she started to play some music. That is when the people who were eagerly waited with their cameras started to come forward. Some came with external flash and complete gear. While few others just simply bring their compacts.
    As I took some shots, I can hear some people called her by the name Vera. So, I assume that her name is DJ Vera. Here are some of the pictures:

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