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Bebek Cak Selem

On my recent business trip to Gresik, we had Bebek Cak Selem. Gresik was hot as usual. Located on Jl. Gubernur Suryo 60, the place was crowded and a popular eatery in the city.


The location is pretty small. There is a long bench right in front of the counter and another one outside. Cooked ducks are placed on the counter and everyone can see when the ducks are being served. You can also have the bone taken out (lepas tulang), so you only have the meat. The meat is tender and they marinate the duck really well. For the drink, I ordered lime juice. Not only the meat, they also sell the Jeroan (the innards, including liver, etc.)

Not only eating in, there are people who line up to order take away. I visited the place at around lunch time. Therefore there were many workers eating there and people from the local area. When you visit Gresik, this place is worth of a visit.


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