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JKT48 Untold Story

This was my first experience watching JKT48’s Senbatsu.

I got the ticket for meet & greet, so I was sitting in the VIP area and got a good view.

The meet and greet started a bit late, but it was fun. Started off with a Q&A session, then we had games with the members.


After the meet & greet, we were escorted to the VIP seats. I got a seat right in the middle, in 3rd row.


There were 2 shows for this event. The first part is called “Untold Story”. A bit different to their usual live shows, this show is a more of a story telling and mixed with some of their songs.


Members tell their stories on how being a member affects their live, including what they have done and their struggles to achieve their goals.


There were some tears while the members share their stories.

Dressed up in white shirt and jeans, Each of the team’s captain read out notes at the end of first part of the show and let go a bunch of ballons into the air.


Then they waved to the audience before they headed back to the backstage.


The next part of the event would be the SSK or the Senbatsu election. This is when they announced the election result and who will be the center for their next single.

There were some tears, when members get emotional.


And a scream of relief…


The moment when they announced that Ghaida is the 2nd position & Ve realised she will win the senbatsu.


Then the top 16 members pose for a photo.



Raisa @ Central Park


Raisa performed at Central Park for the New Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. The lighting is a bit challenging, as the it the colour changes very fast. Here are some of the shots:


She perforemed right next to a New Mitsubishi Outlander display


The stage was pretty small, but it gave her the opportunity to interact with the audience more


She sang along with her audience


In total, she sang 10 songs

For more photos you can go to my flickr album

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