reir! i my latest blog and photo project. There are also 2 projects, rewind and 365. There are are also other pages related to this project:

1) reir! rewind. Contains my photography during analogue era. I started taking pictures using analogue camera in 2002, which lasted about 1 year. On this blog, I try to recapture those moments.

2) reir!365. A photo each day. That is my latest project. You can also call it my visual/ photo diary. Most photos on this blog will be taken using mobil cameras, such as android or blackberry camera.

3) Reiri Tusin Photography Facebook page

4) flickr page. My old photo collection on flickr.

5) You can also follow me via twitter or visit my youtube account from the icons on the right…

While there are also other blogs or sites I made:

1) ray ree. My first blog, using blogspot.

2) visualised. My multiply page.

3) reiritusin.com My own domain.


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