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Raisa @ Central Park


Raisa performed at Central Park for the New Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. The lighting is a bit challenging, as the it the colour changes very fast. Here are some of the shots:


She perforemed right next to a New Mitsubishi Outlander display


The stage was pretty small, but it gave her the opportunity to interact with the audience more


She sang along with her audience


In total, she sang 10 songs

For more photos you can go to my flickr album


IIMS 2011

This year I managed to go to the annual motor show, Indonesia International Motor Show at Pekan Raya Jakarta Kemayoran. Many cars were showcased, and the event is also filled with music performances and competitions. I participated in the photo competition organised by VKool, which features one of my favourite models, Alexa:

Then, there are the cars:

Some of the exhibitors also have music performances at their booths. When I was there, the young singer Raisa Andriana performed:

Also the new girlband, 7 Icons:

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