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Java Jazz 2011- Sunday

Ah….the second day of My Java Jazz. This would be different compared to Saturday. I got my ticket through for free. I got it for free because I was selected and among the lucky 300 people that qualified and able to participate for the photo hunting during the music festival.

My first stop this time is the Magnum’s booth. I ordered an ice cream coated in dark chocolate with toppings of cookie crumbs. The ice cream is so good… especially with the weather getting very warm.

Next stop is Drew at Nokia Hall. For the music festival, the band’s performance also featuring 2 guest stars, Bayu Risa and Kaka from Slank. I got myself a good spot, which is just right in front of the stage. I was even able to put my hand on the stage. I wish I had a super wide lens with me. That would give a really good effect. Instead I was using my trusted 24-105 lens, with the widest aperture at 4.0.

And here is the surprise guest, Kaka from Slank:

Fariz RM is the next performance in Axis Hall. I had a chance to test my new monopod. I got a spot in front row, but from the side. Fariz RM shared the stage with Barry Likumahua & Friends and Erwin Gutawa Big Band.

Throughout the day I also saw performances on various stages, including outdoor, halls and inside some of the booths. I saw performances by Fraya, Jamie Lidell, Everette Harp and Bobby Lyle, Eric Darius, Nengah and Nanda, Sierra, Lucky and many others.

It has been a fun weekends enjoying the music and running around carrying my camera and gears. I noted on their website that they had set the dates for next year’s Java Jazz.


Java Jazz 2011- Saturday

My first entry in 2011 after that stats thing I posted on 2nd day of the year. The Java Jazz Festival took place at PRJ Kemayoran again this year, just as last year. From the three day event, I went there for the 2nd and the 3rd day events. The special guests for this year are George Benson and Santana. I watched Santana on the 2nd day, which you need the special show ticket to go to. As usual, I took my camera and my gears to the shows.

On the 2nd day, I started with Nial Djuliarso. A talented pianist. Accompanied by a bassist and a drummer, he played songs that were written by the legendary Ismail Marzuki. Off course he played the songs with his own style. The audience obviously enjoy the show that Nial had to be reminded by the event organizer that the time is up.

As soon the show has finished, I went around the venue to find long queus in front of some places where popular singers like Ello performs. After breaks and dinner, I went to the venue where Andien perform. Many people have queued long enough just to get into the venue. I was fortunate to get a seat on the front row. Some people even have to stand up. She started the show by announcing that she will sing her B-side songs. This means that she will sing songs that most of them haven’t been heard of or her popular songs, but with different arrangements.

As soon as the show has finished, I looked at my watched and thinking that Santana special show is just about to start. I ran to the Axis Hall and found that there are many people trying to get to the show. As I was just in time, I couldn’t get a good spot to take pictures. But I manage to get a good spot to view from distant.

To finish the day, I went to BNI Hall, where Maliq & D’essentials will perform. When I got there, the place is crowded. The act before Maliq, Zap Mama is still performing. Just before the show started, I managed to get a good spot. Not too close, but close enough to get a good picture with my 75-300 lens…

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