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Meeting Mike Larson

I’ve been to @america a couple of times before, and it is an interesting place to visit. Just went there again today for a talkshow with Mike Larson from Mike Larson, Inc., a commercial photographer (wedding and fashion). Titled “How to become a professional photographer”, Mike talked about how he became professional photographer and how to be successful in building a photography business. He also gave some tips on what to think when taking photos and how not to get burned out doing photography.

At the end of the talkshow, he did some some photoshoots on stage. Anissa, one of the audience volunteered to pose as the model. He also invited two people to go on stage to practice taking potraits. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my DSLR camera with me. So I could only took some photos using my 2 megapixels mobile phone camera.


Fotoklenik class: C.C.C.P with Miss P

I joined a group called Fotoklenik on Facebook a few weeks ago. The group is about sharing ideas and knowledge about photography for Free. The group itself started about a year ago and becoming more and more popular among photography enthusiasts. The session is held every Sunday at 1pm at Kantin Megarasa, Kota Tua. I’ve been wanting to attend one of these sessions for a while. I finally was able to attend one today.

This time around, the topic is “Creative Conceptual Commercial on Catalogue Photography” (C.C.C.C.P) featuring Peny Pujiati.

Wiwin opens the session briefly before hands it over to Peny. She goes through quickly on types of commercial photography, which includes photography for catalogue. She also gives tips on what to pay attention to when doing catalogue photography.

She brings along a model with her, Nike and takes some shots:

The first 18 people that came before 1 PM get a chance to take pictures of the second model, which happens to be ten2five vocalist Imela Kei, using flash trigger. Unfortunately, i’m not one of them. So I can only take some candid shots:

The session is finished with Rio going through on the digital imaging part, the post processing.

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