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today I was invited by Bon Chon for the launch of their newest creation, ‘Snowflake’. The launch of the new dessert also happened to be the soft launch of new fashion magazine “Kay”. In this launch, we have the opportunity to try outtheir newest dessert.

inspired by dessert in Korea and many other countries, they come up with the following dessert called Snowflake:


This mouthwatering dessert consists of 4 main parts. They are red bean, mochi, corn flake and ice. they also come in 3 different flavours, strawberry, blueberry and mocca. the ice made it tastes fresh. the corn flake add the crunchy feel and there are the mochi and red bean which give a little bit of softness. added to these ingredients is the syrop, which depends on the flavour you choose.

With the refreshing taste, this dessert is worth to try!

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