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Jessie J in Jakarta

This has been one of the concerts in 2012 that I am really looking forward into. I arrived early at 4 pm. I thought that I am gonna be too early. But I was wrong. People had already lining up at the gate. The gate will be opened at 5 pm.

The show itself started at 8 pm. Started with Afgan, he sang A Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, a medley which includes Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” & Coldplay’s “Paradise”. Then he sang his own song, “Panah Asmara” as the last song.

Then Blush appeared. The pan Asian girlband performed songs, which include “Undivided” and “Dance On”.

Then the one that everyone has been waiting finally come to the stage. Started with “Who’s Laughing Now”, then she sang “Rainbow”, “Stand Up”, “Casualty of Love”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, Luther Vandross’ “Never Too much”, “Abracadabra”.

Then she asks the audience to put their mobile phones and cameras down. She wants nobody recording on their mobile devices for the next 4 minutes. She performed accoustic version of “Technology”, “L.O.V.E”. Then she sang “Who You Are?”, “Mama’s Know Best”.

She went back to backstage again. When she came out, she wore a hat and a swimsuit. Then she sang “Do it Like a Dude”. For the next song she called one of the audience to come up to the stage. The lucky girl is named Hanna Saraswati. She sang along with Jessie J on the stage singing “Price Tag”. They even took a photo together on the stage.

She finally closed the show with song “Domino”. Since no “Professional” cameras are allowed, all photos were taken with my Canon S100… 🙂


One year on…

It was one year ago when the Tsunami hit the Japan east coast. To commemorate the event, a photo exhibition is held in the atrium of Plaza Senayan called “East Japan Earthquake Press Exhibition”. The exhibition was opened with the attendance of Masaki Tani (Japanese Embassy), Corporate Officer Mitsubishi Corporation Yasuhito Hirota, and Junpei Kato (Presiden Director of Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia).

There are 54 photos on display

The visitors can also put a message for Japan on a tree inside the exhibition

The exhibition will be held from 10 to 18 March 2012 in the atrium of Plaza Senayan.

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