Monthly Archives: July 2009

Megarasa 1st Anniversary

Kantin Megarasa is well known to many photographers, since it is situated in Kota Tua, one of the favourite spots for photography hunting. For its 1 st anniversary, they are having a hunting event, with 4 models participated, Dian, Susi, Mel and Shafira. The hunting spot itself is in the Citra Niaga building, just in front of the canteen. Not only that, there were also door prizes to be won. And guess who won one of the big prizes? me, hahahaha…… Here are some of the pics taken during the hunting:


Hunting @ Pejaten

I haven’t participated in Model hunting for a while. The hunting is located in Pejaten Barat, where you have to go through a small road, that you may miss if you are not familiar with the area. There were 3 models (Lia, Wella and Rina), with about 8 to 9 people shooting one model at one time. The hunting actually didn’t start until 10.15am. Here are some of the pics:

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