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Breaking fast and Feasting for Bloggers

On Thursday morning, one email got me really excited. I got invited to breaking fast with fellow bloggers. Titled “Buka Bareng Blogger”, it was held in Tairyo restaurant at Grand Indonesia.

The Restaurant

I’ve walked pass this restaurant before many times, and it looks like a friendly family Teppanyaki restaurant from outside. The Japanese restaurant originated in Shanghai, China. Currently it has more than 80 restaurants worldwide.

Normally, for Rp 250,000, you can get the “all you can eat” buffet. But until September 2011, you can have the “all you can eat” at special price for lunch (Rp 129,000) and dinner (Rp 149,000). Other than Teppanyaki, there are also other Japanese food on the menu, like sushi and sashimi. Before entering the restaurant, we got our pictures taken by Moments to go.

When I get inside the restaurant, there is a strong Japanese feel to the restaurant, especially the decoration and the set up. As it gets closer to Maghrib for breaking fast time, more bloggers arrive. While waiting, we can order drinks and the waiters starting to serve ta’jil.

Where we are sitting, there is a menu already prepared for the bloggers. The main course contains about 9 different type of meat, vegetables and fried rice. There are also 3 appetizers and a dessert. Just by looking at the menu, It is certainly will be a feast. While the appetizers were prepared in the kitchen, the meat, vegetables and the dessert will be cooked in front of us on an iron plate.


Let’s Eat

After Maghrib and breakfasting, the eating session begins. Started up with two appetizers, Prawn salad with special Tairyo sauce and prawn cutlets:

The salad has sour and creamy sauce. A bit too sour for me. The cutlets have melted cheese inside… yum.

Then one of the chefs, Mr Abel, shows us how to prepare salmon sashimi. He also shows us the type of knives he will use. Starting with a full salmon. He started with cutting through the fish and picking up the small bones. I just realised that salmon have lots of them.

According to Mr Abel, the best part is the belly (also known as Toro), because that is where the fat is. So the meat is more juicy. While he prepares the sashimi with the belly, other parts of the salmon can also be used for other things. So none of the salmon remains go to waste. He then started cutting the belly into smaller pieces and serving them on the plate. From 1 salmon, about 55 salmon sashimi servings can be made. After that, we got to try the sashimi that the chef had prepared.
The sashimi tastes really fresh and juicy, as it comes straight from the salmon belly. While we are enjoying our sashimi, our Teppanyaki chef, Mr. Angga start preparing the utensils and the iron plate. Then the cooking begins.

Started with something lights, we had tofu, onion, mushroom and pumpkin. Before we even tasted the vegetables, we can smell the food as they are cooked in front of us. They smell very good. And here are the veggies:

While the cooking and feasting took place, we also had photo and live tweeting competition. Many bloggers can be seen busy tweeting and taking pictures while waiting for the food.

The next up on the grill is US flank bone and mushroom beef roll. The chef poured in some yakiniku sauce. While cooking, chef Angga also chats with the bloggers, which makes watching your food cooked more enjoyable:

Finally the mushroom and flank bone served. Gotta take photo and tweet first:

The meal will keep coming. They said that the chef won’t stop until you stop. It seems that after you finish with one dish, the next one will come. And after few meals, some bloggers almost giving up eating.

The next round of the meal includes very tender ox tongue and delicious gindara (which had been marinated with miso paste):


lamb chop, which was cooked with creamy sauce and seasoned with balado:

very tasty sliced high rib:

fried rice, that has very strong garlic flavor and hot because the chef added some chili:

and the last of the meat, chicken (with teriyaki sauce) and beef:


Sushi Making

After all the meat have been served, it is time for games. But only 4 people can participate in the game. These 4 people will be competing in sushi making constest, and chef Abel will be the judge to decide the winner. Before they begin making sushi, chef Abel gives a quick lesson on how to make sushi:

Then the contestants start making sushi:

The end result:

Chef Abel picks Ika and Astrid as the winners. They win vouchers from Tairyo. The runners ups also get vouchers.

The Dessert

Now the moment that everyone has been waiting for, banana flambe. Not only for the taste, but everyone has been looking forward to see the chef preparing the dessert, especially the flame:


and here it is, the delicious banana flambe:

In the end, everyone gets goodies bag (filled with lots of goodies, including vouchers and framed picture taken by moments to go earlier), full and happy. It has been a great experience meeting and eating with fellow bloggers in a friendly atmosphere. Thank you for all the sponsors, Grand Indonesia, Tairyo, Multiply,, Moments to go and I am so full right now, I don’t think I need to have sahur tomorrow….


IIMS 2011

This year I managed to go to the annual motor show, Indonesia International Motor Show at Pekan Raya Jakarta Kemayoran. Many cars were showcased, and the event is also filled with music performances and competitions. I participated in the photo competition organised by VKool, which features one of my favourite models, Alexa:

Then, there are the cars:

Some of the exhibitors also have music performances at their booths. When I was there, the young singer Raisa Andriana performed:

Also the new girlband, 7 Icons:

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