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What is Level One?

First time I heard about Level One, I thought it’s the name of a shop. Well, it’s not.

So, what is Level One?
It’s a group of shops located on the first floor of Grand Indonesia East Mall. It was launched back in June 2010. It is part of the shopping mall’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to provide platform for young and upcoming local designers.

How is it different from other shops?
Going through the Level One area, it has a different feel to it, compared to other shops at the mall.

It feels more secluded, youthful and most of the shops are small in size and there are many chairs around the shops so people can just sit around. The target market is obviously for young people, as the items sold are mostly for young people.

What shops are there?
Most are clothing shops but not all of them are selling clothes. There is this Geulis shop. It caught my attention because it has mail box in front of it, displaying the name of the store, “Geulis”:

And there are many other clothing stores to check out, like Damn! I love Indonesia, Deer store, Satcas, Tosavica, Nur Zahra, and many others.

Rebel for a Cause looks like just another store, but it is not just another store. The items sold in this store are for charity. So not only you can get buy goods here, but you are also doing something good:

Other than clothing stores, there is the Lomography store. It sells Lomo cameras and everything that is related to Lomography. So you can get your Diana or fish eye camera here:

Plastic Culture is a shop that is a bit bigger than the other shops. It sells plastic models that you can paint and customise. As I went in to the shop, the sale staff told me that there will be a contest to paint one of these plastic models on the 27 to 29 May 2011. The prizes are worth Rp 3 million. Not bad…

Then there is Tick tock, a store that sells clocks. And not just like ordinary clocks, they come in different and creative shapes. This is actually become one of my favourite shops in the area, because the shape of the clocks are unique and very creative. Now it reminds me that I actually need to get a new alarm clock for my bedroom….

Alibi is located in the corner, next to Social House. It sells stationeries, from notebooks, ipad cover and pencil cases. There are some vintage accessories, like old typewriter machine or old analogue pocket camera.

After going around shopping, you can rest your tired feet, sit down, refresh and try some delicious food at Ismaya Catering. Similar to other Ismaya retaurants, it offers different ambience with unique decoration. There is an old bicycle parked in front of the restaurant.

I have to say that the small shops and simple set up reminds me of my days when I was still living in Sydney. There are many small shops with very simple set up, but offers something unique, fresh and creative. And it’s great to see shops like these in Jakarta.

If you want to try shopping at Level One, you can check it out on the first floor of Grand Indonesia East Mall. It is located near Social House or Blackcurrant. For more info on the project, you can check out their facebook page or follow their twitter.

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