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Solo Wayang Karnaval

My office was having a team building activity in Solo for a couple of days. So it was a nice surprise when I found out that when we were there, the city also had the Solo Wayang Carnival to celebrate the city’s 267th anniversary.

The carnival itself was scheduled to start at 14:00. When we got there, it hasn’t started yet. The city’s main road, Jalan Slamet Riyadi was closed and already filled with people and food vendors. Along this road the carnival will be held.

The city mayor, Joko Widodo, opened the carnival. Dressed as a Wayang, he rode on a horse and greeted the people who have been waiting to see the Carnival.

Lots of people dressed as many kind of wayang, from wayang golek, potehi or wayang China, gedog or panji, wayang kancil, wayang suluh or nabi, and wayang wahyu, go through the main road. Some are sitting in a carriage:

While most were walking:

Most of the participants come from high school and universities, while there are others who come from art studios and media.

Lots of colours and some are dancing to the gamelan music that accompanied the carnival.

Some plyaed it cool

While some were happy to give a nice smile to the camera…

And off course, the spectators. Some of them got really excited that they jumped to the middle of the road and posed with the carnival participants 🙂


Twirl Twirl….

It was my 3rd breaking fast together in 4 days. I had breaking fast together with my work colleagues at Asia Restaurant at Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan. During the dinner, there was a live dance performance of Tanoura, where the man twirl around in circles. I took a few shots with my Ipad:
He was going around the restaurant and still twirling near the diners. But he was twirling very fast, and this is all I got:


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