So, what is Reir?

According to Merriam- Webster dictionary, “reir” (in Spanish) means “to laugh”. But “Reir!” in this blog doesn’t have anything to do with that definition.

Reir! is about an expression, a visualisation or a picture journey of me.

So what is my blog all about? I made this blog to write the 3 things I like, photography, food and travelling. A little bit about myself, for the past 3.5 years or so I have been back living in my home country in Jakarta, indonesia. Hence most of the blog contents will be from pictures I took in the city. But I also do travelling as well….

All of the pictures I use on this blog are taken by me. Therefore I put the title “blog + photo” to describe that this is a blog and my photos, not just random photos I found on the web. I hope you can enjoy reading my blog. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear from you. You can email me at If you want to contact me, you can do so by email me: rtusin@gmail.com


  1. Nice blog, nice theme…. :p

  2. like this blog..
    atau apalah yg mengungkapkan kalo saya suka tampilan blog ini.. ^^


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