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Skyrunner on Car Free day

After I went to see the ina4japan last week, I stayed around in the car free area for a while, as there were many booths I could visit and many attractions I could see. There were so many people with their bikes:
While some were just cruising around:

Then I saw these people near the Coca Cola tent:

They were jumping around and they were jumping very high:

When you take a closer look, they were wearing these:

They are called Skyrunner shoes or also known as kangaroo shoes. As I searched more information about these shoes, I found this website about the shoes. And while these people were jumping around, other people stopped by to take photos or just watched:


ina4jpn (Indonesia for Japan)

Following the tsunami disaster in Japan on 11 March 2011, an event called ina4jpn was held in front of Japan embassy in Jakarta. It was held during the car free day on Sunday on 27 March 2011. The event started at 6 am with Urban Art. People can put their palm print and write their message and name on it, as form of solidarity with people of Japan. Many cyclists and joggers stop by, and put their palm prints on the white large canvas that resembles the Japanese flag. Even the reporter from RCTI also put her palm print:

People also write their name and message of support on the canvas:

And more people are contributing:

They even have the smaller version of it, so the kids can also put their palm prints:

Kuntoro Mangkusubroto (former head of BPR) and Kojiro Shiojiri (Japan ambassador for Indonesia) put their palm prints:

Then the MC said let’s sing:

With Bina Nusantara choir leading the singing, 3 songs were sang, started with “Bengawan Solo”, “You are not Alone” and finished with “We are the World”:

The presentation:

Talking to the media:

There are also merchandises, like mugs, t-shirts and pins sold by Kappija-21. The theme of the merchnadises is “Pray for Japan”:

It’s great to see good response from the Indonesian people that came to the event. People were lining up to put their palm prints. The event was closed with everyone yelling “Ganbaru!”

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