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I Shot Legends: Lala Karmela

The show showcases some of the legendary Indonesian musicians and some talented young musicians. I was fortunate to be there to watch these legends. The show started with Lala Karmela opening the act for Panbers. Throughout the show, she performed 3 songs, Panbers’ “Akhir Cinta, “Satu Jam Saja” and D’Lloyd’s “Cinta Hampa”.


Lala at Oz Radio

I got invited by Lala to watch her performing at Live and Loud on Oz Radio.

The funny thing is that while I was waiting for Lala to start performing, I met the guys from the band Valerius. They just finished with their interview for the radio. As they walked toward the stairs, they shook my hand. Probably they thought that I was part of the crew.

Not only she sang live, she also getting interviewed by the host.

Here she is trying to catch my name:

She sang about 5 songs, including cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep:

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