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MH’s Jakarta Urbanathlon

Men’s Health Indonesia is having the first Urbanathlon in Indonesia. The race starts from Plaza selatan Senayan and going through Semanggi, Chase plaza and going back to Plaza selatan Senayan. There are obstacles along the way, including the monkey bar, tyre obstacle and wall climbing.

The route

Stretching before the race


Monkey bar

Tyre challenge

Wall climbing

The finish line


Skyrunner on Car Free day

After I went to see the ina4japan last week, I stayed around in the car free area for a while, as there were many booths I could visit and many attractions I could see. There were so many people with their bikes:
While some were just cruising around:

Then I saw these people near the Coca Cola tent:

They were jumping around and they were jumping very high:

When you take a closer look, they were wearing these:

They are called Skyrunner shoes or also known as kangaroo shoes. As I searched more information about these shoes, I found this website about the shoes. And while these people were jumping around, other people stopped by to take photos or just watched:

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