What’s in Pekanbaru? Part 1

So what’s in Pekanbaru? work, work work…. Yup, I was I assigned for two weeks of work in Pekanbaru. This would be my first time to visit the capital city and the biggest city in Riau province. My first impression when I got out of the plane was the cloud was a bit dark and gloomy. It looked really grey, as if it was gonna be raining. But according to the driver who picked us up, it hasn’t been raining for a while.

The Hotel
During my stay there, I stayed at Grand Zuri hotel. To my disappointment, I was allocated a room in the smoking floor. The room really smells, and just few minutes after we arrived, we asked the receptionist to move us to another room. During my stay at the hotel, I spotted Nadine Chandrawinata, the Miss Indonesia 2005. I guess she was staying at the same hotel as well.

The building itself is located near two shopping malls, Mal Pekan Baru and Senapelan Plaza.

The Buildings
Despite me coming here for work, it is the food adventure and the architecture that excites me. There are some eye catching architectures, like the library Soeman Hs and the building next to the governor’s office:

It is the library Soeman Hs. The shape of the building is interesting. It has that futuristic look, but if you look at it carefully, the shape of the building resembles an open book. The building next to the library is also pretty eye catching. It is located next to the governor’s office:

We took the city’s Busway to get around the city. For Rp 3,000 you can hop on one of the bus. We found it very convenient to get on the bus, which is cheaper if you compare it to taking the taxi or bajaj.

Few blocks from our hotel is where the Grand mosque An Nur located. It is worth the wait until just after Maghrib to take the picture of the mosque. Some people have said the mosque resembles the Taj Mahal:

I will write about the food in my next post. If you are planing to visit the city or want to know more about the city, you can also check out the official website of the city is http://www.pekanbaruriau.com


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  1. Wowwwww, it was such a nice exploration experience reiii.. Huahhhh..
    Makes me wanna go there to see it myself.
    Btw, It tickles my curiousity of Grand mosque An Nur which somehow it looks like a Taj Mahal in India.
    And btw, I havent see any update of ur culinary session here rei~~! XD

  2. Thanks For blog with useful informations.

  3. numpang majang ya, jangan lupa singgah ke sini http://pekanbaruspec.wordpress.com/ makasih 🙂

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