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View from the top

A photo hunting was named “Beauty @ the Top of the World”. Located on the 56th floor of Menara BCA, it gives you a spectacular view of Jakarta. The photo hunting itself was started at 3 pm and we finished about 7.30 pm. There are few websites that have coverage on the event and can be seen from:

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  • Happy birthday Jakarta!

    Tomorrow is Jakarta’s birthday and today I went to Kota Toea, not only for the tour of the big 5 museums, but also Betawi Art Festival as part of Jakarta’s birthday celebration. Kota Toea has been one of the favourite spots for Hunting and Pre-Wed. Located near Station Kota, it is one of the few building remains from the old Dutch colony in the City. There are some museums within the area called the ” Kota Toea”. One of my friends got the information that a community called Jelajah Budaya is having a tour, which covers the 5 museums, the Bank Mandiri museum, Museum of Bank Indonesia, Museum Wayang, Art/ Ceramic Museum and Museum Fatahillah.

    Bank Mandiri

    The building is located on Jalan Lapangan Stasiun No.1, and used as the starting point for the tour. The tour started at 7.30 am, just as we arrived. We registered at the counter and then we went to a room where they screened an old documentary movie, showing Jakarta in the early 20th century. When the screening was finished, we started the tour, we got Mey Mey, who accompanied us as the tour guide until lunch time.

    The construction of the building started in 1929 and finished by 1932. It was used as the office for Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM).

    Inside the museum, we can see how the bank was built and its transformation through different period of times in history.

    Bank Indonesia

    One thing we felt when we entered the museum is the cool breeze from the air conditioner. Yes, it was hot outside and the breeze feels really nice at that time. We only spent time here watching a documentary movie about Bank Indonesia role in the nation’s banking system.

    There was a catch the coin game, which was fun for some of the tour members.

    Museum Wayang

    The building was originally built as a church, called De Oude Hollandsche Kerk (the Old Church). The museum displayed many types of Wayang, from Wayang Kulit, Wayang Golek, Human Wayang, Wayang from North Sumatera and some from overseas, like French Puppet. It also stores some tomb stones  from the colonial era, as the building was used as a church. 


     Museum Fatahillah

    The building was used as town hall (Stadhuis), during colonial era. It was built from 1707 to 1710 by Governor Joan van Hoorn. Initially, the building was used as an office, court room and prison (underground).

    The museum’s collection includes the “Jagur” canon, which believes can help married woman to become pregnant by sitting on the canon;

    Hermes statue;

    undergorund prison, and various paintings and furnitures left by the Dutch.

    Ceramic Museum

    I actually didn’t go to this museum, as I got lost and decided to head straight back to the Bank Mandiri Museum and wait for the group there.

    Betawi Arts Festival

    After the tour has finished, I decided to go to see the Betawi Arts Festival.

    Located in front of the Museum Fatahillah, it displays various food (traditional and fast food), arts, information on few museums and shows, like Lenong and accoustic performance.

    About the community

    The community is called Komunitas jelajah budaya, an independent community with interest in Arts and Cultures. For more information about the group, visit their website on:

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