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Grand Launching of Kompas TV- Part 3

Continued from Part 2

The next performer is ST 12 featuring Marusya Nainggolan:

Then nidji shows up:

featuring Jogja Hip Hop Foundation:


Monita Tahalea, Andien and Citra:


Grand Launching of Kompas TV- Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Then we were moved to the Festival Area, which is right in front of the stage. But when we got there, it was packed. So, it’s hard to move around. Also, they already started performing with some of the most recognizable Indonesian songs, which have been rearranged by Erwin Gutawa. First there was Afgan:

Then there was Lala Karmela, and due to the area being packed, I got stuck in a spot near Afgan:

Bayu Risa:


Tangga, Judika and Lala:

Then they set up the stage for the next performance during the break:

Jubing, Ungu and Andien collaboration:

To be continued on Part 3

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