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Bukber at Warung Anglo with Lalaland

I got invited by Lalaland for break fasting event at Warung Anglo on Jalan Senopati no. 33. It’s a Javanese restaurant, and some of the food are really hot:

For some people, they just can’t get enough of hot food. They even had some very hot Maicih:

While we had our food, some people were jamming:

And there’s the lovely Lala performing few of her songs and also cover for “Forget You” and “Black or White”:

You can also watch her performance here:

Black or White
Forget You


A Late Night Capuccino

I am not a big coffee drinker and don’t think a late coffee is a good idea, as I will need to wake up early tomorrow. But I got a free coffee voucher for participating in a blogging competition, and it is the last day that it is valid.

Epressamente is located on ground floor of Grand Indonesia East Mall. It is located near the Ayodya Lobby.


I can choose between a capuccino and an espresso, and I choose the free capuccino:


Took these pictures with my ipad and instagram, as I don’t bring my camera.

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