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Jakarta RACE 2009

the start
It’s back again, the Jakarta RACE. It stands for Race Against Cancer Everyone. Just like the title says, the proceeds from this event will go to Yayasan Kanker Indonesia. There are two main categories for this event, the 5K and 10K. This year would be my 3rd year in participating in this event.

People, off course, can choose whether they want to walk, jog, run, ride bicycle, roller blade or even wheelchair.

And after they cross the finish line, there are booths set up with games and prizes from the sponsors. There are also door prizes waiting for some lucky RACE-ers. the participants were also entertained by performances from the following:


Project Pop

For more info about this event, you can check their website at See you in 2010!


Urban Lifestyle hunting at f(x)

I went to this hunting seesion at the f(x) mall. There were 3 models at the hunting, Tere, Ellis and Anitha. Located at Mazee on the 6th floor, the place was really quite. It seems that not many customers go through that area. After the hunting session finished, there was a sharing session by Andre Arment on “Oldig” (Digital alteration). I also used this chance to use the 70-200 lens that I borrowed. Here are some of the pictures:

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