Thanks to my friend Wulan, I just got two boxes of Olino’s cookies. It is cheese almond cookies. They are so addictive that I could finish 1 box in a very short time.

The cookies are very popular items among tourists who visit Surabaya. I’ve been told that you need to order few days earlier to get them. Each box costs 35,000 Rupiah. They are so popular that someone would buy 51 boxes in one visit….

The cookie is very sweet and crunchy, with almond mixed with cheese on top. Yummm….


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  1. Yummmmmy!! Bener banget reiiii..ada jg sih dr sby bolu Spikoe yg enak, tp ga se-addictive almond cheese chips ini. Kata yg jual bs dapet diskon loh..tp klo belinya 1000box, hahahahaha >,<

  2. Hey!
    ini kan saya yang mempopulerkan di PwC!!!
    mana feenya??? 5 Kepings!
    Rei, it’s OLINO’s..not OLINO..
    kena penalty lagi! 3 kepings!

  3. setujuuuu!! bnr2 uenakkkk tenan nie cookies, sekali nyoba gk isa berhenti ampe 1 box empty,, cara buatnx aja so mysterius gmn y isa stipis itu n gk pecahhhhh..
    i like so muchhhh dis cookies XDDDDDDD

  4. Boleh sharing ya ???? Beli kemasan plastiknya ( mika yang setengah lingkaran ) dimana ? Terimakasih

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