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More pictures from Taman Prasasti…

Here are more pictures from the Sunday photo shoot:







Let’s go to cemetery

I went to an old cemetery called Taman Prasasti. It’s an old cemetery from the old dutch colonialism era. A lot of big and artistic tombstones are still kept in here, but the body remains have been moved somewhere else. Hence the cemetery is actually an outdoor museum full of tombstones. The museum is located on Jalan Tanah Abang I, near Monas. The entry fee is quite cheap. An adult entry fee is Rp 2,000, which is a lot less than $1.

The main reason I came here is because there was a photography hunting, called “99 Import”. The location is very popular for photo hunting and preweds. There were 8 models posing for the day, and the theme is simple black dress. Here are the models:

1. Naomi

2. Maria

3. Bella

4. Winni

5. Astari

6. Alexa

7. Yolanda

8. Khay

There were 2 sessions, the morning and the afternoon. I took the morning one. After 3 hours of shooting and 800+shots, I was exhausted but happy with the results.

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