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May Day @ Gedung Pos Kota Tua


Today is known as May Day or the labour day. But I spend the day at Kota Tua, doing photoshoot. Once again, it is held by A2C. There are 8 models posing for the day. Each group consists of 10 people and we got rotated every 20 minutes. I only took the morning session. it started at 9 am, and finish at 12 pm. Here are the models:

About the location, it is located at Kota Tua next to Batavia cafe. It is an old building and it is empty. We had our photoshoot on the 2nd floor. There are people who actually live on the first floor. There are no props available around that we can use, since the building is empty. There are a lot of windows in the building, so I take advantage of it for the lighting and lots of pictures are taken with backlighting. I also managed to borrow and test the 135 L 2.0 canon lens..

On forum, the reporting of the event has also been posted.


More pictures from Taman Prasasti…

Here are more pictures from the Sunday photo shoot:






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