I’m back

Yes, I’m back. After many months of not posting, I finally itching to get back blogging again. For the past few months, I’ve been thinking how to present my photos. In the past, I’ve put different kind of watermark, from “@reiritusin”, “reir!” and “reiritusinphotography”. So I was thinking that I am gonna use a simple watermark and that is ” r e i r i | t u s i n”.
Here is a collage of photos I took last Sunday with the new watermark on:


For the past one month alone, I have been taking lots of photos and being active with my camera. I have also re-upload my photos on flickr. Here is my photostream.

I haven’t finished re-uploading all of my photos. So hopefully I can get it all done by this weekend.


Olivia Culpo, the Miss Universe 2012

During her visit to Jakarta, the Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, visited @america to talk about HIV.


As anticipated, the auditorium was full and Olivia listened carefully to the questions asked by the audience.


Also in the audience was the newly crowned Puteri Indonesia 2013, Whulandhary Herman. Olivia highlighted the importance of the youth role, 40% of world population, in prevention of HIV by promoting awareness of the virus.


As a token of appreciation, at the end of the talkshow, she received a present from the event organizer.

There was much enthusiasm to see the Miss Universe 2012. After the talkshow, alongside Whulandary, she answered questions from the media. The crowd was taking pictures of her while she was being interviewed.


The security was very tight. They escorted the Miss Universe straight to the exit after the interview. This was a great experience to me, especially being able to see the Miss Universe in person and I hope she enjoyed her visit here in Jakarta


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