First Post in 2012: Watching Emily Elbert at @america

After a few months of no blogging activities (I wont count my previous post about my blog stats from 2011, as it was generated by WordPress).

Emily Elbert is an American songwriter and musician. She is singing at @america as part of the first anniversary of @america’s celebration. Started playing guitar when she was 14, now at 23, she has played over 450 shows throughout the US and around the world. She has produced 2 albums and currently working on her third one.

Emily comes on stage in green batik dress with the host for the night, Rini. She talks how she started and got accepted at Berkeley School of Music. She is into different kind of music, and try to incorporate them into her music.

She has been travelling throughout few cities in Indonesia, and been listening to Indonesian music and attending live shows. She explains how she loves gamelan and dangdut. There are many musicians she looks up to, but if she has to choose one, it would be Stevie Wonder. She also talks about how she learned to play guitar and her inspiration.

She starts off the show with the song “Summertime”. She sings another 18 songs (Yes, that is 19 songs in total!):

– Take it easy
– Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’
– Crazy
– Memories in rhyme
– Do without
– Allman brothers’ ‘whipping post’
– Visitor
– Al Green’s ‘Let’s stay together’
– Tom Jobim’s ‘Wave’
– Another faded love
– Dialed in and opened up

Then she gets Bonita and her friends to get up on the stage. They sing Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’.
Then she sings solo again, with ‘I feel fine’, ‘Easy to love’, ‘Tightrope walk’, ‘Not a fool’, ‘Thinking hybrid redirected’

Then she gets Bonita to get up back on the stage again. This time they sing The Beatles’ ‘Oh darling!’.

In between songs, she also shares how she used to not really into country music, but when she left Texas, she missed the country music. She also picks up a few Bahasa while she is in the Indonesia…. Terima Kasih ☺


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