Got my White Shoes signed

Yup, I mean I got my White Shoes and the Couples Company album signed by all of the band members. As part of the opening of new Musik Plus store at Setiabudi, the band performed a number of songs. Around 30 people gathered around the band stage and enjoyed their performance. After the show, they signed their latest album, “album vakansi”.

The performance itself started at about 7.30, which is 30 minutes later than it was planned. But once they started playing their music, all of the wait was worth it. I can see that the audience really enjoy their performance, and this shows that they are a very good live band. Some people came with their cameras, and some try to capture their performance with their mobile phones. Most of the songs that they played are from their latest album, “vakansi”.

For the band’s official website, refer to or follow them at their twitter

For more info on the Musik Plus store, click musik plus or follow them at their twitter


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  1. is my turn!! gw nntn white shoes, reiri 😀

  2. I really like your topic .. Topics I’ve shared on social bookmark website .. Thank you very much again ..

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